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Illuminated Apparel is an innovative clothing brand based in London. We have invented a bespoke luminescent ink, which is up to 10 times brighter than standard glow luminescent available.  We have combined our ink with clothing to create a unique interactive experience. Using the UV keyring (included), mobile phone torch light or a laser pen you can draw onto the glow canvas and watch your design fade slowly. 

We offer a 'Logo Embedding' service in which you can embed your company’s logo or brand identity into the ink design. This offers new exciting marketing opportunities and brand exposure.

How Does it work?

We have created a unique luminescent ink in which you can activate with light. By drawing with the UV keyring included, mobile phone torchlight or a laser pen you can drawing anything you want and watch it fade away gradually. You can also create an awesome shadow effect by drawing over an object or your hand.

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Brilliant. Bought one as a present and it went down so well that I've since bought more for other people. They work really well, the light pen works even in normal daylight and the glow stands out nicely.